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Lavish Stocks & Extra Dreamy Pastels Bouquet

Lavish Stocks & Extra Dreamy Pastels Bouquet

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  • Florist Delivery �6.00 Anytime between (8am - 6pm)
  • Florist AM Delivery �10.00 Between 8am - 12pm
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Only the dreamiest seasonal pastel blooms need apply for this blooming gorgeous creation! Their florist will choose the best of the best (that might mean Sweet Williams, gerberas, roses, alliums, lisianthus, antirrhinums or spray roses) and mix them with fragrant stocks for a truly wondrous bouquet.

All about their lavish stocks & extra dreamy pastels

> They'll be crafted by hand into a marvel
Their florist picks each bloom specially, crafting a one off bouquet made just for them.

> Buds are a-ok
All it means is that the blooms are especially fresh. They'll soon open up and show themselves off.

> They'll look wondrous for at least 7 days
Anything less, we'll fix it.

> They'll arrive in planet-friendly packaging
Looks good (well, incredible). Does good.

> A cute card is included
Just let us know your message, the florist will usually handwrite it.

> They'll arrive looking picture perfect
Their florist has taken care of all the arranging, so they'll arrive ready to wow.

> A lily or two could feature
If they're not a fan, check out our bouquets without lilies.

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  • Lavish Stocks & Extra Dreamy Pastels Bouquet


Lavish Stocks & Extra Dreamy Pastels Bouquet size,  inches height and  inches wide.

Lavish Stocks & Extra Dreamy Pastels Bouquet - £80.00

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